No matter how you slice it, grind it, package it or transport it, Eagle has inline inspection solutions for your red meat challenges. Eagle’s red meat inspection solutions simultaneously perform contaminant detection along with other quality control checks for a variety of red meat products, including trim and primal cuts, sausages, ground meats, bone-in product and case-ready meats and others. Eagle’s superior red meat technologies will provide you with consistently accurate and reliable results on your lines for optimum output.

  • Advanced SimulTask™ PRO image analysis software delivers exceptional high-resolution greyscale image processing, with 65,535 values per image, resulting in greater product detail and accuracy for multiple products on a line.
  • Superior contaminant detection for metal fragments, glass shards, some plastic and rubber pieces, mineral stone and calcified bone
  • Increase production efficiencies with simultaneous quality control checks for products on a line such as mass measurement, component count and product integrity
  • Faster sanitation with robust and rugged machines, hygienically designed to NAMI/EHEDG sanitary standards for durability in harsh washdown environments
  • Exceptional longevity of components and high repeatability rates with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in the industry.


    X-ray machine for food inspection Eagle Pack 240 HC

    Pack 240 HC

    Eagle Pack 240 HC 是一款结构紧凑、高性能的检测系统,适用于新鲜、冷藏或冷冻包装肉类、家禽、乳制品和其他食品行业。


    Pack 400 HC

    以高达每分钟 60 米 (200 FPM) 的速度检测包装在塑料包装、纸箱/纸盒、小袋、包装/麻袋以及托盘和桶中的产品

    Eagle RMI3 x-ray system hygienic design red meat inspection

    RMI3 Series